Hire on-demand. Scale up or down, no holds barred.

Hire senior handpicked remote developers with strong technical and communication skills at unbeatable prices, ready to work exclusively for you, strictly in your timezone.

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METI Software is your technology partner in product development

Our organizational structure is designed to give our clients access to the best talent and the most effective approaches to build software, Built on three pillars; streamlined processes, proven technologies, and talented people -- for a tailor-made solution.

High-Quality Code

Consistent Delivery

Excellent Scalability

Expand your team

You've established the framework, and now it's time to take it to the next level by recruiting leading software professionals specialized in your domain, ready to power your development efforts by filling in the blanks.




Staff your product with multidisciplinary teams ready to take your product from MVP to IPO.

Cost optimization, Global talent pool reach, virtual daily stand-ups, Flawless onboarding and pain-free termination

Our developers match your time zone and overlap a minimum of 6 hours with your workday.

Engagement Models

Regardless of the engagement model you'll choose, we at METI are ready to integrate and help in any of your software development stages

Fixed Bids

Together we align cost, time and scope for the project

Perfect choice for short-term projects and MVP development in strict timelines

The right choice if you don't want to be involved in the project-based software development process


Scheduling, budgeting and controlling the development process.

Savings on equipment, infrastructure, and social benefits

The process of hiring is simple and quick.

Dedicated Team

Team of professionals besides developers, project managers, QA specialists, and designers.

Communicate with project management and software development teams as your own employees.

For large, complex, long-lasting strategic projects

Intelligent & Intense Vetting

We pursue exceptional communicators who can take active ownership of company and product goals without micromanagement.

10+ hours of tests and interviews

Seniority & Communication tests

Extensive Hand-Selected Matching

Reliability & Flexibility

Creative Leadership
Strategic Leadership
Technology Leadership

Fixed Bids


Dedicated Team (ODT)

End-to-end Turnkey Solutions

METI team has been providing software solutions to help our clients achieve their business objectives. We employ agile approaches and lean concepts to create high-quality solutions on time, under budget, and within the scope of requirements.

Ideation for a new product
Outlined vision of the project
Lean Canvas
Detailed product feature list based on Value Chain Map with modules, flows, and use cases.
Evaluation for an existing product
Code audit
A recovery plan with suggestions on how to fix the issues
List of prioritized UX design issues with illustrative examples of best practices
Product design
Business analysis
User experience design, Wireframes and UX prototypes
Design specification: style guide, UI kit, illustrations, animations.
Product development
Frontend and backend Source code created according to standards and design patterns
Database architecture design
Infrastructure and Server/Client-side application development
Infrastructure management and DevOps
Tuned AWS architecture
Production control and monitoring tools setup
Continuous integration setup
Quality assurance: usability, and performance testing.
Test specification, test suites, and test cases
Functional, performance, penetration, and automation testing scripts
Continuous integration setup

Practice makes perfect

Our team has honed the ability of engaging with B2B SaaS clients. We are now able to improve our tried and proven methods to meet your software goals and business demands

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Compliance With Coding Standards

Product Development Done Right With Scrum Metrics

Custom Software Development

We know the importance of a seamless, end-to-end process in successful software development and management.

Backend development

Our team begins by developing the application's backend. METI web developers design the application and database architecture, as well as the business logic and user interfaces. Our project lead and other engineers on the team undertake a code review to verify code quality.

Frontend Web & Mobile development

Our frontend developers collaborate closely with METI's creative designers to create cutting-edge responsive web apps. We build mobile apps with native technologies or cross-platform mobile application development with React Native.

Infrastructure management

We build a robust, scalable, and secure cloud application infrastructure. Configuration management tools simplify infrastructure control and lower maintenance costs, while performance monitoring services alert our team to faults and failures.


success rate.


Up and running SaaS platforms operated by METI
HR scalability for talented employees in less than 3 months


R&D PhD and MSc team members


Technology stacks covered


Diversified In-House members




Digital transformation partners

Recognition & Awards

Several years of work on organization development and service design let us gain the trust of global businesses

We give our clients access to the best talent and the most well-defined process and solutions to build world-class software

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For Enterprises

Scale, automate and build teams, on demand

Flexible commitment plans to scale your development team

Enhance customer experience and existing products through legacy application modernization

Scale your application to handle high traffic through Software integration services

Turnkey Solutions

Turn your startup ideas into viable and value-driven software solution.

Ideation and evaluation for a new or existing product

Product design and development

Infrastructure management and DevOps

Flexible Comittment Plans
More time = less rates
3-Month Comittment
6-Month Comittment
1-Year Comittment
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